Strategic Partnerships

Establishing the Connections That Allow the Transportation and Logistics Industry to Grow and Innovate

Connecting the dots in a rapidly changing industry, such as transportation and logistics, can be a daunting task. The influx of new entrants and technology advancements—not to mention globalization—often prove challenging for freight technology companies looking to enter or engage within the industry.

LaunchIt can help. Our industry-specific leadership, depth of experience and vast connections enable clients to form meaningful relationships that propel growth and contribute to success.  

We help our clients connect the dots with suppliers, other technology innovators, OEMs and funders to enable conversations and connections.

We also connect our own dots by collaborating with other PR and marketing firms to handle the areas where we just don’t excel. We at LaunchIt firmly believe you can only call yourself an “expert” in just so many areas. We undoubtedly are experts in transportation and logistics technology, we know the players, we know the space.  But ask us to create an ad and we’ll happily steer you to one of our partners.


The benefits of belonging to or taking a leadership role with a trade association appeal to businesses looking to increase visibility, gain knowledge, network and prospect for potential new partners and customers. But finding the best fit requires time, effort and insights that many freight technology companies simply don’t have.

For nearly two decades, LaunchIt has worked with associations in all sectors of transportation and logistics. A recognized supporter and leader with many national and local associations, we understand the nuances within each organization. As a result, our ability to match a client with the right association is unparalleled. Using a proven vetting process, we work with clients to:


Identify the best associations for a client’s type and size

Recommend the level of participation to meet client goals

Determine the true hard and soft costs of membership

Facilitate introductions and recommendations


As a leader in the transportation industry, LaunchIt is involved with many well-known programs that we believe make a difference in the world of freight and we encourage our clients to do likewise.

We help clients identify, develop, participate in and lead programs that sponsor, reward and elevate the transportation industry.

It doesn’t stop with identification and creation. LaunchIt also helps clients develop and implement cross-channel PR campaigns to leverage sponsorship dollars.

Paying for sponsorships can appear to be cost-prohibitive for smaller or newer freight technology companies. LaunchIt’s cooperative marketing program brings together like-minded technology innovators who pool dollars for events and joint sponsorships. With LaunchIt’s help, full-scale creation and implementation from A to Z increases visibility that would otherwise not exist for participants.

Resource Partnerships

LaunchIt’s connections reach outside of the transportation and logistics industry, too. With decades of marketing and communication experience, our leadership team can connect clients to outsourced partners in media, digital marketing, video, talent and other specializations to tell their stories.

LaunchIt continues to explore other opportunities to enrich resources, expand capabilities for its trucking and transportation technology clients and effectively form alliances within the industry. The added value of being able to streamline the connection-making process makes LaunchIt the go-to firm for much more than traditional public relations.

Make the most of who we know.