Freight Technology Providers Need the Help of PR Experts Who Understand the Transportation and Logistics Industry

 Since 2000, technology companies in the transportation and logistics industry have looked to LaunchIt for the proven solutions that will help them enter and engage the trucking industry. We build the reputations of startups and reframe and redefine the reputations of established companies, telling their stories and getting their expertise noticed. All of our clients benefit from our industry knowledge, freight technology experience and relationships.

We understand that our clients have different PR and marketing needs at different times, which is why we've developed comprehensive, proven solutions to help them at every stage of their growth and development.   

“LaunchIt’s expertise of commercial trucking and product launch processes was key to the successful launch of our new flagship product. There is no other PR company that combines industry, technical and communications knowledge into solid client results like LaunchIt”

Alan Farnsworth, CEO at Vnomics

LaunchIt's Comprehensive Solutions

We launch new technologies and new technology companies into transportation.

Experts of new technologies are seldom marketing, communication or PR experts. The result is a gap in how to describe, message and promote new technologies to the industries that need them.

LaunchIt has the in-depth transportation knowledge to bridge that gap. Our many years of proven experience providing PR for trucking and logistics companies helps us guide clients to the messaging that will target the right markets and contacts in this very complex and unique industry.

Our relationships with industry-media leaders, reporters and communicators provide key contact points for the deployment of carefully crafted and aligned messaging across all viable channels.

Many of our clients have benefited from our partnership by getting their freight technology products launched into the transportation industry.

We increase the industry awareness of established companies.

Industry exposure happens with careful planning and execution. Article placement, speaking engagements, SME recognition and industry awards are the result of relationships and hard work. LaunchIt has the resources and connections to help transportation and logistics technology companies develop the outreach strategy, message the content and deliver exactly what the audience needs to hear, see and experience. We know the industry, we know technology and our relationships are built on trust and great results

We rebrand and manage PR for company transformations.

Within the lifecycle of a business, it can be necessary to rebrand products, create new product benefits or even rebrand an entire company. Mergers, acquisitions, competition or product updates are often at the root of the action. Rebranding requires unique skills to showcase the new look without jeopardizing the equity of the former brand. As a PR agency focused on trucking and logistics technology, our marketing communication and PR skills include the strategy and successful execution of rebranding at every level and every stage of a tech company’s development.  

We provide foundational support for companies based outside of North America that want to enter the North American trucking market.

Foreign companies face challenges when selling to North American fleets. Carefully crafted PR strategies enable outreach to leverage relationships that can move these B2B trucking technology companies into the North American transportation industry. LaunchIt has the industry relationships, media connections and technology expertise to help foreign companies navigate entry successfully.

An Approach Designed to Move Your Company Forward

LaunchIt’s services work to support each of our solutions—or the benefits we overarchingly deliver companies through our service offerings. Regardless of the phase of your technology company or product, we can partner with you to identify and implement the best ways to reach your audiences and move your company forward in the transportation and logistics industry.

A PR firm with deep industry knowledge is the solution you need to advance your freight technology.