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Soona Lee EROAD


  • ELD regulations
  • ELD enforcement
  • ELD inspections
  • Road Use Tax
  • Fuel Tax Management
  • IFTA/IRP electronic record keeping

Soona Lee brings a strong public policy and legal background to all that is happening at the U.S. federal and state levels with respect to regulations that affect the trucking industry. Her responsibilities at EROAD, a global technology provider of fleet management, electronic tax reporting and ELD compliance solutions, include working closely with motor carriers, drivers and the enforcement community to bridge the gap between regulations, technology and industry operations.

Lee has a deep understanding of regulatory context and policies and how to translate technical requirements for development of compliance products such as ELD, IFTA and IRP. She represents EROAD on ELD working groups, safety and policy committees at CVSA, ATA and other industry associations. She is a regular participant and speaker at trucking associations and events, as well as being featured on I Heart Trucking. Lee began her career at the New Zealand Treasury.  

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