Mark Hackl | Founder and CEO, Lanehub

Mark Hackl 


  • Collaborative Transportation Networking,
  • Shipper/Carrier Relationships
  • Lane Matching,
  • Capacity Sharing,
  • Private Fleets

Mark most recently directed Schreiber Food's transportation team and participated on the board of directors for the Food Shippers of America. With over 20 years in the industry at Georgia Pacific, GENCO, Veriha, and Schreiber Foods working as a shipper, a carrier and a third-party logistics provider, he has seen all sides of the logistics industry and is well positioned to deliver this innovative solution.

More about Mark’s Expertise:
Mark’s expertise goes beyond what’s listed above. He is an acknowledged leader in the
following topics:

  • Cross-company lane matching
  • Sharing trucking capacity
  • Partnering to secure capacity
  • Dedicated fleet backhaul revenue sharing
  • Private fleet optimization
  •  Shipper and carrier collaboration

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