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 Our focus on technology and our deep understanding of the transportation and logistics industry translate into our clients’ successes. These are our current clients that we've launched, rebranded and amplified with our innovative marketing communications and PR expertise.

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Our Clients


Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) is a leading provider of integrated freight management software solutions that help transportation companies manage change and improve their profitability. Serving the trucking industry for over 45 years, CLI’s comprehensive freight management solutions drive every key element in a transportation company from dispatching, to freight bill entry, to mobile data communications. From call logging, to general ledger, to EDI transactions and Internet tracing, CLI’s systems encompass every aspect of a trucking company’s needs. CLI’s FACTS™ suite of software is used by companies worldwide to reap the benefits of greater efficiency and higher productivity that the system provides.


Cargo Transporters is a truckload carrier operating 525 trucks serving the continental U.S. Based in North Carolina, the  company operates terminals in Claremont, Charlotte and Rocky Mount. The company employs over 700 people.


​Design Interactive Inc are the creators of easy to use adaptive training and enterprise software solutions, specializing in augmented and virtual reality for medical, industrial, transportation and military clients using proprietary models of human behavior and physiology to personalize the user experience.

The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

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dexFreight is the provider of a decentralized, blockchain-based open source logistics platform that allows supply chain stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently, transparently and securely. With the dexFreight platform, shippers can manage all load parameters and collaborate with carriers, see proof of identity, share documentation and maintain records of the blockchain transaction. The platform transforms the way shippers and carriers manage loads by using blockchain and machine learning technologies to drive digitized transactions and generate faster payments and settlements.


Salt Lake City-based EpicVue was formed by individuals with years of combined experience in the satellite and television industries. The company offers a TV viewing package specifically designed for commercial fleets. Used as a tool to assist with recruiting, retaining and improving driver quality of life, the EpicVue package brings more than 100 channels of DIRECTV programming, including premium channels such as HBO/Cinemax, SHOWTIME and the NFL Sunday Ticket, into the comfort of a driver’s sleeper for a monthly subscription fee and without any upfront hardware costs.


Founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is the leading provider of online training to the transportation industry. The company’s commitment to training is based on the principles of mastery learning, accurate and automated record keeping, and up-to-date information that ensure personnel have been effectively trained and detailed records kept.

ITI makes fleets and warehouses safer and more profitable through its PRO-TREAD library of more than 100 standard training courses that blend engaging content with real-world, how-to scenarios, and its Sentix platform that automates the day-to-day administration of an online training program in addition to integrating with transportation management and back-office systems. Transportation and logistics companies choose ITI because of its automated learning management system, custom training capabilities, flexible lesson methodologies, and engaging 3D animations that improve retention, ensure subject matter mastery and lower the total cost of training.


KoiReader is an emerging technologies firm that enables digital innovation through proprietary technology capabilities and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnerships to develop the most advanced freight document automation offering on the market today. The company was founded by technology innovators with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Algorithms and Advanced Data Science, and is guided by advisors with roots in innovation and strategy across a wide variety of industries, including Logistics and Transportation, Banking and Finance, Telecom and Customer Experience.


Lanehub is a cloud-based collaborative transportation network that enables shippers or carriers to match recurring headhaul and backhaul freight lanes on a long-term basis to better utilize the capacity of carriers or private and dedicated fleets. Committed to creating reliable, direct partnerships that reduce empty miles and create consistent, dependable routes for drivers, Lanehub provides low cost, simple software that is generating significant savings for the hundreds of shippers and carriers that have already joined the Lanehub community.  Over 19 million annual shipments from companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Pactiv, IFCO, Shaw Industries Group, Rockline Industries and Smithfield occur on the Lanehub network. Founded in 2016, Lanehub is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Visit to learn more about how Lanehub helps companies Ship Better, Together.


MVT Solutions, a subsidiary of Mesilla Valley Transportation, provides fuel economy testing based on race car engineering.  This high-tech testing methodology can obtain accuracy up to .25% and accounts for such variables as wind, driver behavior and duty cycle. With over 300 fuel economy tests conducted to date, the company’s proven approach provides highly reliable and consistent data that enables trucking companies to make more informed choices and manufacturers to design and develop products backed by accurate fuel efficiency information that customers trust. MVT Solutions also provides consulting services to fleets looking to implement the right fuel-savings technologies for their operations.  MVT Solutions was founded in 2016 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


ORBCOMM is a global leader and innovator in the industrial Internet of Things, providing solutions that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency. The company offers a broad set of asset monitoring and control solutions, including seamless satellite and cellular connectivity, unique hardware and powerful applications, all backed by end-to-end customer support, from installation to deployment to customer care. ORBCOMM has a diverse customer base including premier OEMs, solutions customers and channel partners spanning transportation, supply chain, warehousing and inventory, heavy equipment, maritime, natural resources, and government.

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Rocketail, LLC is an aerodynamic design company that manufactures today's most advanced, aerodynamic tail systems for reducing rear-end drag on modern semi-trailers. The company's patented Rocketail Wing™ is a wing-shaped aerodynamic tail system designed to solve the 3 Ds of Drag, Deployment and Damage for semi-trailers. The internally braced structural design utilizes a multi-element airfoil like those found on jet aircraft and extends a mere 14" from the back of the trailer making it always deployed, very easy to install and difficult to damage.

Rocketail has gone through rigorous, third-party testing in the U.S. and Canada, is SmartWay certified, and is presently being installed in major fleets across North America. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA with field offices in Logan, UT and Eureka Springs, AR.


The provider of driver wellness programs for transportation companies and their drivers and owner-operators, Rolling Strong promotes behavior change and provides support in the areas of Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Stress Management and Weight Management. Driven by its mission to reverse the declining health of America’s CDL Drivers and get them home safely, the company offers in-terminal and on-the-road solutions that target health improvement. Its customizable programs include the Rolling Strong App for drivers and administrative reporting capabilities to help carriers and drivers improve compliance with CDL medical requirements and to implement and manage their wellness initiatives.


Since 1998, SambaSafety has been the pioneer and leading North American provider of cloud-based driver risk management software solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information, SambaSafety helps employers identify high-risk drivers and enforce safety policies; insurers to make informed decisions; and background screeners perform accurate, efficient pre-hire checks.


Velociti is a global provider of technology deployment services, specializing in the installation & service of a broad range of transportation and networking technology products. Velociti’s experience allows enterprise level technology consumers to maximize ROI as a result of leveraging expert, rapid deployment. Velociti clients include many Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of market segments including transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food service and public venues.


Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced fuel optimization solutions that enable fleets to minimize fuel spend by improving driver efficiency and vehicle performance in real time. The company’s True Fuel®product, a stand-alone, OEM-agnostic fuel optimization solution, combines the intelligence of on-board machine learning with real time driver coaching to eliminate fuel waste and improve vehicle performance. This unique approach to improving driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments, all truck OEMs and all engine and drive train configurations.


WIT Image Team - The Women In Trucking Image Team is comprised of individuals who best represent the mission of the Women In Trucking Association which is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry. The Image Team members are knowledgeable, passionate and positive women who are subject matter experts in the trucking industry and the team includes drivers, owner-operators, fleet managers and human resource personnel. WIT Image Team members participate in community events, interviews with journalists, and ride-along events for legislators, regulators, and industry leaders to provide a deeper understanding of the obstacles they face on the road.


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