About LaunchIt


Our PR Services Are Fine-Tuned For Freight and Transportation Technologies

 For almost 20 years, we’ve worked with freight technology clients to successfully plan and implement public relations and marketing communications strategies that resonate within the freight transportation industry—it’s our only focus.

The LaunchIt team leverages its unparalleled marketing and communications expertise—and its long history of combined freight technology and logistics and transportation industry experience—to educate, communicate, market and publicize the critical role technology plays in the transportation industry, especially within trucking.

We're much more than your average public relations firm, and a big part of that has to do with our singular focus on the freight transportation industry—and specifically the role of technology within it. We also have an international reach and the innovative, one-of-a-kind approaches that put transportation technology products in front of the right audience. And whether we're providing PR for trucking tech startups or completely rebranding a transportation industry leader, our clients' successes are noteworthy and impactful to the industry.




"We started working with LaunchIt 14 years ago with the intent that maybe for a year or two it would be a good fit. 14 year later - we can't really imagine running our business without this relationship. LaunchIt's understanding of trucking, and technology specifically, is a really unique mix and works perfectly for us as I know it does for many of its other clients."

Deryk Powell, President & COO, Velociti

Closing the Gap

​Founder and LaunchIt President Susan Fall’s passion for transportation and technology began more than 25 years ago when she worked with the leading technology pioneer, Qualcomm. At the time when Susan was honing her craft, technology companies were eager to enter the freight transportation industry. But Susan quickly discovered very little professional public relations guidance was available to help the companies enter and sustain a presence in the industry.   

Susan filled the gap with LaunchIt. She recognized the genuine need for specialized public relations for technology suppliers in the trucking industry. She knew that having a laser focus on the transportation and logistics industry, a vision for technology and a proven understanding of public relations and marketing communication best practices would build the foundation of a successful company. In 2000, she founded LaunchIt as a new source of public relations and marketing communications expertise for the transportation and logistics industry, with a specific affinity for the technology companies that play a major role in this vital industry.

In the beginning, her strategy was to focus on technology and the potential benefits it could bring the trucking industry. This focus allowed her to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging her understanding of the complex world of trucking.

As technology began to play an increasingly vital role in the overall supply chain—outside of trucking—LaunchIt added logistics to its area of focus.

Today, LaunchIt offers strategic marketing communication and PR services to an international clientele of freight technology companies. Every client benefits from our deep experience, sector focus and connections that enable new technologies to enter markets and established companies to rebrand, engage and demonstrate expertise.

“When I started Vigillo, I was just learning about trucking. It was LaunchIt that was with me every step to bring me into the trucking industry. We started with LaunchIt and we stay with them because of their creativity, industry knowledge and the extraordinary efforts they go to make us successful. Our company was just sold last year and LaunchIt was part of the team that made that possible.”

Steven Bryan, Samba Safety Executive Vice President & General Manager, Transportation

A Team of Experts

 LaunchIt’s leadership  empowers team members to exhibit the same drive and passion that founded the company. In 2017, Susan was joined on the leadership team by Mari McGowan, vice president of business development who has a background of product management, marketing and sales to the trucking industry.

Supported by a team of talented professionals, leveraging a network of trucking technology subject matter experts and an affiliation with a network of other boutique PR agencies, LaunchIt utilizes a scalable workforce to meet the needs of any client, large or small.

LaunchIt keeps the pulse of the industry. An advisory board of industry experts, transportation executives and journalists provides first-hand insights that guide the company’s evolution.

Building Relationships That Last

LaunchIt constructed success on a foundation of relationships within the media and freight technology, trucking and transportation industries. For more than two decades, these respected connections have brought together


Client companies looking to enter the transportation industry or raise their presence

Technology innovators looking for effective ways to launch products

Transportation industry leaders to serve as subject matter experts

Key media sources aligned with innovation, technology and transportation

Funders finding new avenues for investments


Whether a client is new to LaunchIt or has been engaged for years, we provide the access they want to the resources they need.

An Eye on the Future

As an economic powerhouse, the trucking industry represents 8% of the U.S. national GDP and employs 7.1 million people, with truck drivers being the most common job in 29 states. From autonomous, connected and electric vehicles to blockchain and collaborative freight networks the transportation and logistics industry is facing unprecedented technological advances.

While technology escalates and the transportation industry further segments, LaunchIt stands at the forefront of public relations in the trucking industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the past informs our eye on the future, which makes us better prepared—and uniquely positioned—to bring value to new technology providers looking to enter the trucking and logistics industry and technology veterans wanting to maintain their current foothold.

At LaunchIt, it all begins with a sound strategy built on the experience of knowing what works today and forecasting what will work tomorrow.

 Decades of experience and success you can rely on.