Vnomics Announces New Fuel Champ Award

Top fuel efficient drivers recognized by fuel optimization solutions provider during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Rochester, New York– September 14, 2017 -- Vnomics Corp., the provider of onboard fuel optimization solutions that combine real-time driver coaching and fuel efficiency insights, today launched the Vnomics Fuel Champ Award, an award program to recognize the fuel efficiency accomplishments of Vnomics’ customers’ drivers. The first award will be given upon completion of the American Trucking Associations’ National Truck Driver Appreciation Week being held this year from September 10-16.

Utilizing data from the Vnomics True Fuel optimization solution, an in-vehicle driver coaching tool that fairly assesses and scores driver fuel efficiency based on each vehicle’s fuel economy potential given its route, load and other factors outside the driver’s control, Vnomics will review the fuel efficiency results of its entire customer base and select the top five most fuel efficient drivers. Each Vnomics Fuel Champ will receive a $350 award, ten percent of the estimated average annual per driver fuel savings of Vnomics-coached drivers. While launching the new award during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Vnomics plans to continue the program throughout the year.

“Across all truck makes, models and driving conditions, driver behavior is still the largest influence on fuel economy,” said Bob Magnant, vice president product management and strategy at Vnomics. “In recognition of the key role drivers play in achieving maximum fuel efficiency, we created the Vnomics Fuel Champ award to recognize what superior drivers are doing for fuel economy, their fleets and the environment.”

Vnomics True Fuel establishes a truck’s potential fuel economy independent of route, load and other external factors, and then assists drivers to achieve that full potential through in-vehicle driver coaching. The scoring model includes assessments of driver fuel efficiency in the three key areas of engine control, speeding and idling. These three key fuel waste behaviors are rolled into a fair and balanced composite GPA-like assessment of the driver’s real-world fuel efficiency performance that is normalized for operating conditions.

About Vnomics

Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced fuel optimization solutions that enable fleets to reduce fuel consumption and expense by improving driver and vehicle performance in real time. The company’s True Fuel™ product, a stand-alone, OEM-agnostic fuel optimization solution, combines the intelligence of on-board machine learning with real time driver coaching to eliminate fuel waste and improve vehicle performance. This unique approach to improving driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments, all truck OEMs and all engine and drive train configurations. For additional information, visit or call 855-866-6427.