SambaSafety Eliminates Pre- and Post-Hire Motor Vehicle Record Redundancy with MVRSync℠

Unique feature of SambaSafety DriverMonitor® provides integration and cost savings in driver hiring and monitoring processes

Albuquerque, New Mexico -- September 12, 2017 – SambaSafety, the market leader of cloud-based driver risk management solutions for all industries with commercial and non-commercial drivers, today announced Samba MVRSync℠.

The first of its kind service enables companies to utilize a driver’s pre-hire Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for post-hire driver monitoring, saving the time and expense of pulling an MVR twice.

MVRSync is a new feature of Samba DriverMonitor®, a subscription-based driver monitoring service that manages all driver data and automatically checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates. MVRSync leverages a candidate’s MVR from the pre-hire screening process to establish a driver risk baseline in post-hire monitoring, generating a highly accurate risk profile for a driver on day one without increasing the cost.

Typically, two different departments within a company will pull MVRs, including a pre-hire MVR by someone in HR or recruiting and a post-hire MVR by the risk and safety department or the driver’s manager. With MVRSync, the original pre-hire MVR can be accessed for post-hire driver monitoring.

“Establishing a driver risk profile on day one with an MVR is a critical first step in monitoring and evaluating driver risk and is a common practice for any company that considers driver risk management a priority,” said Rich Lacey, executive vice president, product & engineering at SambaSafety.  “But what has also become a common practice is paying for that MVR twice. We developed MVRSync because pulling a MVR an additional time is an extra expense our customers no longer needed to have.”

About SambaSafety

Since 1998, SambaSafety® has been the pioneer and leading North American provider of cloud-based driver risk management software solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information, including motor vehicle records, court data, status checks, accident data, incident data, CSA data and medical certifications, SambaSafety helps employers identify high-risk drivers and enforce safety policies; insurers to make informed decisions; and background screeners perform accurate, efficient pre-hire checks. Learn more at