Vigillo Continues to Free the Data

SpeedGauge, Inc. joins a growing list of data sources in Roadside Resume, the industry’s first truly comprehensive commercial driver safety, compliance and risk profile


PORTLAND, OR/ORLANDO, FL — October 23, 2017 – Vigillo, a SambaSafety company and the leading providers of real-time data for analyzing commercial driver and motor carrier safety performance, announced today at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition that another new data provider has become a partner in its Roadside Resume commercial driver safety, compliance and risk profile offering. Joining the growing list of data providers taking part in Roadside Resume is SpeedGauge, Inc.

“By working with us to bring multiple channels of information into Roadside Resume, forward thinking companies are collaborating to provide the industry with a focused, unified, comprehensive view into safety,” said Steven G. Bryan, president of Vigillo. “With new partners like SpeedGauge we can continue to break down data silos and enable carriers, analysts and other stakeholders to analyze continuously updated and correlated safety information that has value beyond anything that has been provided before.”

SpeedGauge, Inc. is a driver safety and performance company providing software solutions that help fleets manage and control vehicle speed. SpeedGauge products and services monitor select driver behaviors that have the most significant impact on safety and the overall cost of operations, and its customizable analytics solutions and consulting practice provide unique insights into fleet performance and best practices.

Integrated in Roadside Resume are Vigillo’s CSA Scorecards and SambaSafety’s DriverMonitor, along with a constantly growing number of public, telematics and third-party vendor data sources. Roadside Resume enables a complete picture of drivers’ safety profiles in one place without having to access multiple data sources, and in a single dashboard view applies a proprietary scoring methodology that quickly and easily identifies a carrier’s riskiest drivers.

“Roadside Resume is a lens into safety that is a powerful tool for easily identifying risky on- and off-the-job behavior based on a scientific analysis of data that is correlated to crash risk,” Bryan stated. “Its ability to break down individual data sources and flow data together provides a laser focused view of a commercial driver’s safety profile. Roadside Resume has already been very well received by our motor carrier customers and other interested parties, and with the addition of more significant data sources it will continue to grow in importance for the entire industry.”

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Vigillo, a SambaSafety Company, leads the trucking industry in analyzing fleet safety data to provide insights that impact safety performance.  Combining Vigillo's CSA Daylight Suite, the industry’s most robust CSA diagnostic and management tool, with SambaSafety’s innovative Driver Risk Management (DRM) services, Vigillo offers the most comprehensive driver Motor Vehicle Record and CSA data monitoring solution. These combined capabilities provide customers with the ability to manage and track driver performance, mitigate high risk driver behavior and address driver safety through the entire employment lifecycle. Based in Portland, Oregon, Vigillo was founded in 2007. For more information visit

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SambaSafety is the market leader of cloud-based risk management software solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information—motor vehicle records, court data, status checks, accident data, incident data, compliance information, medical certifications—our innovative platform automates the driver risk management process delivering a comprehensive 360-degree view of driver behavior and performance. SambaSafety provides organizations across the United States and Canada the actionable insight to improve driver performance, reduce accidents, lower insurance costs and limit risks—ultimately improving community safety. For more information, go to


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