Upstate Niagara Cooperative Driver Named a Vnomics Fuel Champ

Fuel optimization solutions provider honors driver for fuel-efficient performance


Rochester, New York– April 25, 2018 -- Vnomics Corp., the provider of driver-friendly onboard fuel optimization solutions that combine real-time driver coaching and fuel efficiency insights, today announced that Mark Neamon, a driver for Upstate Niagara Cooperative, has been named a Vnomics Fuel Champ in recognition of his fuel efficient driving performance.

The Vnomics Fuel Champ Award recognizes Neamon’s accomplishment realizing a driver fuel efficiency score of 99.14% of Potential MPG™, over 47,194 driving miles in 2017. In addition, during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in September he drove over 1,200 miles with a measured fuel efficiency score of over 99.48%.

“Vnomics is pleased to present Mark Neamon with a Fuel Champ Award in recognition of his elite performance in the area of fuel efficient driving,” said Ed McCarthy, vice president of operations and customer success at Vnomics. “This $350 True Fuel Champ award represents approximately how much money Neamon saves Upstate Niagara each month in fuel costs and it showcases his skills as a master of his craft. We’re very excited to recognize his outstanding efforts and thank our partner, Upstate Niagara Cooperative, for the opportunity to present this award.”

McCarthy added that Neamon’s fuel efficiency accomplishment contrasts with an industry average heavy-duty truck driver who would use over 8.5% percent more fuel on the same route under the same conditions, or more than 73 gallons per month on average. In addition, due to his fuel-efficient driving skill, his truck emitted 10 tons less CO2 last year compared to a typical commercial vehicle.

Brian Danahy, director of distribution services at Upstate Niagara Cooperative, one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the U.S. with over 360 family-owned and operated farms, noted that Vnomics has been helping the operation’s 200 drivers improve fuel efficiency for several years. The cooperative is also using the Vnomics True Fuel solution to power a driver fuel incentive program that provides rewards to drivers for fuel efficient driving.

“All of our drivers are participating in a fuel incentive program that empowers them and improves retention by recognizing and rewarding their professional driving skills,” Danahy stated. “With True Fuel we can save fuel and money. Vnomics has been a great partner for Upstate Niagara, and we want to thank them for taking the time to present this award that not only recognizes Mark Neamon’s success, but also showcases our concerted efforts to save fuel.”

To determine winners of its Fuel Champ Award, which spotlights driver proficiency, Vnomics reviews the fuel efficiency results of over 20,000 drivers using its True Fuel optimization solution. The in-cab technology only considers factors that a driver can control such as engine speed, speeding and idle time, while automatically normalizing out factors such as payload weight, route, weather and truck configuration.

Vnomics True Fuel establishes a truck’s potential fuel economy independent of route, load and other external factors, and then assists drivers to achieve that full potential through in-vehicle driver coaching. The scoring model includes assessments of driver fuel efficiency in the three key areas of engine control, speeding and idling. These three key fuel waste behaviors are rolled into a fair and balanced composite GPA-like assessment of the driver’s real-world fuel efficiency performance that is automatically normalized for operating conditions. 

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Founded in 2008, Rochester, NY-based Vnomics Corp. provides advanced fuel optimization solutions that enable fleets to reduce fuel consumption and expense by improving driver and vehicle performance in real time. The company’s True Fuel™ product, a stand-alone, OEM-agnostic fuel optimization solution, combines the intelligence of on-board machine learning with real time driver coaching to eliminate fuel waste and improve vehicle performance. This unique approach to improving driver and vehicle performance provides substantial fuel savings to a rapidly growing number of fleets across all motor carrier segments, all truck OEMs and all engine and drive train configurations. For additional information, visit or call 855-866-6427.


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